We've Chosen Wisely: Our Co-Pack Cyclops Vapor

Dedication to the Chemistry

 We take simple ingredients and carefully, methodically, work to transform them into amazing flavor combinations.  Just the slightest change in the balance of ingredients and how they’re processed can drastically affect the quality and the flavor of an eliquid.  We work for months altering the formulas for our flavors, testing subtle changes, before finally settling on what we believe is the perfect combination.

Hand Crafted to Perfection

We don’t use equipment to mix monster batches of our eliquid, and we don’t outsource the combination of our ingredients.  Each flavor is perfected, mixed, and bottled right here in Alabama in our warehouse.  We handle every step of our process to maintain the consistency of our product, right through to shipping.

Strict Manufacturing Standards

We've worked closely with OSHA to develop and adhere to strict manufacturing and occupational standards not only for producing a safe and quality product, but also to protect the safety of our employees.  Each member of our team goes through extensive training with Safety Plus for certifications in HAZMAT, pathogens, safety, electrical and other occupational safety training.